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Sunday, October 28, 2018


I don’t update here too much. You want a more up to date viewing,
My Instagram. Button to the right of page. 


Saturday, August 4, 2018


Just to let everybody know.
I update Instagram SOOOOOooo much more than this. So if you want a speedy view of what I be up too, it's there.
IF you are looking for a commission, give me a yell.

Also more cons coming up. Just finalizing the dates.
Till then....

Just one more!!

A little last piece. Jason Momoa was at the con.... I had to go meet him!!
Tho I was not allowed to take a picture of this..... I presented him with a little something. I thanked him for taking up the mantel of the Aquaman, and the guy is nice!!! Go meet a really good guy if you can.
So I gave him the following,..... he laughed a bit too much. His agent turned to see why he laughed so much. Mission accomplished!!!

Till next time.....

YES...... this is a late post about Montreal.

Thank you Montreal, you always are good!!! I will be back. Here are a few sights that caught my eye!

IT...… yes IT

All originally made, pure leather. So nicely done.


Danny Trejo was in full effect!!! Knives everywhere!!

Lando and Solo..... Reunited and it FEELS SO GOOD!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


June and July will be busy!!
June 1-3 is Niagara Falls Con!!

Then July is Montreal!!
Come and enjoy!!

Upcoming Con's!!!

Convention season is starting up. I was in Oshawa last month for a one day con and I'm going to be at a few more 1 day cons this month.
This Saturday April 21 in Markham.
Then NEXT weekend April 29, Barrie

Come out and see what is what!!! ONLY $5 for entry!!
See you there!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Montreal Eve!!!

Packing everything up and it's road trip time!!!
Montreal Comic Con this weekend!!!
July 7 to 9
I'm at table 2231, come say hi and would you like my money!!!
If you say that....... "would you like my money" I will give you something free!!!
The challenge is on!!